Friday, April 20, 2007

Free Peugeut alloy light-weight racing bicycle

A free Peugeut alloy light-weight racing bike has been offered for pick-up at the Freecycle Petaling Jaya. It is so light you can lift it up with one hand. However, the bike had not been used for a long time and currently there is no air in the tyres.

Monday, April 16, 2007

3 inch D-ring Files to be given away free at Freecycle Petaling Jaya

Here are a bundle of 3" D-ring files to be given away free to members of Freecycle Petaling Jaya. Below are photographs of the files. Join the Freecycle Petaling Jaya if you are interested in the files.

Freecycle Petaling Jaya giving away D-ring files

D-ring files to be given away free at Freecycle Petaling Jaya

Freecycle Malaysia has Changed to Freecycle Petaling Jaya

The Yahoo group Freecycle Malaysia was started with the aim of first starting off as a national group, and as more members join, they will first get familiarised with the way freecycle works, and eventually split into local groups. has demanded that groups with the name of a country should be changed to a local name, and thus the Yahoo Freecycle Malaysia has become Freecycle Petaling Jaya.