Wednesday, December 29, 2004



You may have noticed a new addition to the site. There are now google ads in the sidebar which I believe is not very intrusive. Why am I putting google ads on this blog you may ask. There are some good reasons the main is when this is done this site will be spidered by google's robot and hopefully we will feature in someone's search result. This is how we hope to get more visitors to this site.

In any case google is wise to put only targeted ads which means whatever appear there would have some relevance to the subject matter discussed here. Who knows the ads may even do a visitor a big favour one day when he chance upon something which he may have been looking for for a long time and which he need badly.

Saturday, December 25, 2004



2 weeks, still wet behind the ears and already 7 OFFERS:

kefir grains (probiotics)
used clothings
Autodesk Inventor Professional Hands-on Test (CD)
Aquarium air pump
ELCB (earth leakage circuit breaker)
fax machine
digital stop watch cum key ring

Plus an offer for a link from

Monday, December 20, 2004

Malaysia Freecycle Network

The Malaysia Freecycle Network, where one person's trash is another's treasure! We are "changing the world one gift at a time". This site is primarily for the inhabitants of Malaysia. Our goal is to reduce waste by connecting people who are throwing away unwanted items with others seeking the same items. No item is too big or too small; but since this is a FREEcycle list, ALL items must be 100% free, legal & appropriate for all ages.

Freecycling lies somewhere between the garage sale and the dump, and is much cooler than either. It's an innovative concept that harnesses the power of the Internet to do what the Internet does best -- eliminate the middleman and empower the individual. freecycling allows for personal contact between donor and recipient -- each gets exactly what they want, and nobody is considered a 'charity case.' Many freecyclers both give and receive items on a regular basis. No overhead, no intermediaries, no money changing hands, no waste and no catch, and everyone's happy. Charities and NGOs may also post their needs here:

Use Freecycle to organise and DECLUTTER. Yes. Use us to clear your clutter and help the environment at the same time. simple, brilliant idea that's changing the world one gift at a time.

alt="Click here to join freecycle_malaysia">

Click to join freecycle_malaysia


I created this blog for the purpose of detailing the progress of Freecycle Malaysia Network.

Want to know more about freecycle? Hop over to
We are listed there under International > Malaysia

Or even better, join us at

Aim of freecycle is to help reduce the amount of trash clogging our dumpsites, help home makers organise and get rid of clutter, bring together people who have items to give away with people who are willing to accept them..

We (Malaysia Freecycle Network) started with one on Dec 12, 2004 and already we have 155 members and 21 messages posted, with 7 OFFERS including working fax machine, ELCB, aquarium air pump, CD, used clothings, even the hard to get kefir grains used for culturing kefir, a probiotic superior to yogurt.

Help us grow and help the environment. Tell your friends about us.